- Designed for staff with no prior knowledge or experience of 3D printing.
- Duration is dependent upon your specific 3D printer and needs of your workforce.
- Training can be carried out onsite with your 3D printer, or at our training facility in Scotland (dependent upon printer model).
- Training can be combined with commissioning and setup, and/or Level 2 'Advanced Operator' Training.

This professional development course is designed to introduce your workforce to all of the basics of 3D printing needed to start using your 3D printer with confidence. The course can be adapted to suit your individual requirements. It combines theoretical and practical learning to empower participants to use your specific 3D printer model.

- By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
- Understand basic use and maintenance of your 3D printer.
- Understand safety precautions and procedures.
- Replace material and nozzles/print head.
- Use the manufacturer's slicer software.