Reeyee X5 Laser 3D Scanner


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Model Reeyee X5
Single Shot Accuracy 0.03 mm
Volume Precision 0.02 mm+0.08 mm/m
Volume Precision
(Combined with DigiMetric)
Resolution 0.1 mm
Scan Speed 350, 000 points/s
Single Scan Range 300×250mm
Scan Range 100-8000 mm
Working distance 300mm
Scan Depth 250mm
Supporting Program for Extended Measurement DigiMetric
Light Source 10 line laser ray
Laser Category Class II ( eye safe )
Software 3DScan
Output Date Format Stl, obj, fbx, ma, asc, ply, dae, etc ., and compatible with the mainstream 3D software
OS System Support win10 64bit
Operation Temperature -10-4 0"C
Transmission Mode USB 3.0
Weight 0.95 kg
Dimension 130 x 90 x 310 mm

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