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Guidel!ne filament is a high strength PETG (Advanced Polyethylene) material with excellent high temperature printing capabilities. It is an ideal material for printing small, fine details without distortion in the parts as it is much less susceptible to thermal accumulation during printing than other materials. (For example, small hollow tubes can be printed without being deformed by accumulation of heat)

Guidel!ne 3D printing filament is ideal also for those users who want to obtain the eventual FDA/CE certification for a device knowing that the raw material has passed the tests by the FDA.(The raw material is suitable and the filament itself is extruded and cooled without contaminants. In the cooling process, contaminants and bacterium are usually embedded in standard filaments). In addition the pH and ORP levels are controlled and adjusted to maintain acceptable levels. All this doesn´t mean that a part printed with 3D Guideline filament is certified. The certification process for medical equipment and components is another part of the totally differentiated certification.

Each coil of 450g of Taulman Guide!ne filament of 1.75mm or 2.85mm is labeled with a QR code that provides traceability and lot of it.

In addition, the Taulman Guide!ne filament is ideally suited to be used as a support material for FDA Nylon 680 FDA (or other nylon), both for the proximity of printing temperatures and FDA approved.

In addition, you can register the Guidel!ne spool by sending an email to accounts [at] taulman3d.com with the serial number and Taulman3D will also provide all the information necessary to obtain COA (Certificate of Authenticity) certification and thus facilitate The processing of the FDA certification of the final piece.

The Guidel!ne filament has a tensile strength superior to Tech-G itself, reaching 6850 PSI. Its elongation is 5.9 and a modulus of 281,469 PSI. In addition, the Guidel! Ne filament softens at a temperature of 100 ° C and its heat distortion temperature is 70 ° C.

In addition, the Guidel! Ne 3D printing filament is very easy to print at 250 ° C with a small amount of retraction.

This filament has the following certifications of the US referring to the raw materials:

  • ISO 11607-1: 2006
  • ISO 10993
  • USP Class VI
  • USP 661
  • No.16525 DMF (Drug Master File)
  • FDA

The Guidel!ne 3D printing filament, in addition to its numerous certifications, stands out for its excellent dimensional stability, its non-delamination, its resistance to high temperatures and its compatibility as a support material with nylon filaments.

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