Taulman Nylon 680 - 2.85mm - 450g


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Nylon 680, an innovative new nylon-based material for Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing, is designed for use in a wide range of industries, including: medical, dental, food processing, and robotics. Nylon 680 is compatible with sterilization procedures, has FDA approval for indirect food contact, and is designed to have superior strength and physical attributes when compared to consumer-grade materials currently on the market; 680's specifications are highly desired by industry and hobbyists alike.

For Use by Medical, Dental, and Food Processing Industries

Sterilization Properties

Nylon 680 is compatible with the following sterilization methods, used globally in scientific laboratories for conducting a wide range of research:

Ethylene oxide sterilization compatible (Low temperature)

Steam/Boiling sterilization compatible (High temperature)

Sterilization is important for researchers becaus e it removes all fungus, bacteria, and other microbes which may be detrimental to the conditions of experimentation. Compatibility with sterilization processes is a rare material property in the 3D printing industry and is a unique attribute of Nylon 680.


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