Wiiboox Reeyee SP Desctop 3D Scanner


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The Wiiboox Reeyee SP Desktop 3D Scanner is a white light 3d scanner. It has two scanning modes: the automatic turntable scanning and the free scanning. With the high-resolution industrial vision sensor and lens, its scanning accuracy can reach 0.1mm.

Product Advantages

Ultra-thin Turntable
Ultra-thin turntable industry new benchmark.
Extreme Speed Scanning
It takes only 3 minutes for the turntable to scan one circle.
Color Texture Scan
Supporting 24-bit color scanning for texture details.
Full Automation
Fully automatic turntable, one-click to achieve 3D scanning files.
Mutiple Splicing Modes
Turntable automatic splicing, Marks splicing, Manual splicing, Feature splicing.
Seamless Connection
Exported to STL format for 3D printing, the 3d scanning file can be directly connect to the 3D Printer seamlessly.

Wide Scanning Range
When the size of the object you need to scan is less than 20 cm, you can choose the fully automatic turntable scanning mode; you can also choose free scanning to expand the scanning volume to 120*120*120 cm. The Wiiboox Reeyee SP 3D Scanner not only has a fully automatic splicing mode, but also supports manual splicing mode, through manual splicing you can further expand the scanning volume.

Easy to Operate with Step-by-step Guidline
Technology has always been people-oriented, and we try our best to simplify the operation steps. At the same time, there is a step-by-step guidline inside the package. You can learn how to oeprate the 3D scanner after quick study.

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